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Intelligent assistance system for industrial assembly operations with augmented reality

The SARA project aims to develop a product line of intelligent and assistive augmented reality supervision systems for industrial assembly operations. The system's main mission is to minimise assembly errors by operators and to serve as a training system for the assembly of components in peripheral machines, acting as a virtual human-machine interface. In addition, the proposed system allows the integration of manual assembly systems into the traceability system and the production of reports and statistics on cycle times and productivity. The system is applicable in assembly operations in industrial environments, and particularly in the automotive industry in the assembly of inserts on panels where assembly, threading, clipping, gluing and riveting operations have to be carried out.

The SARA project is an innovative project due to the improvements it proposes over the current state of the art and will allow the development of a new concept of assistance for manual assembly workstations in industry. The operator will be assisted by means of visual monitoring of his operations, processing of the same and projection of augmented reality on the workstation with the relevant instructions. The aim is to eliminate any possible errors in the assembly process (poka-yoke philosophy) and to enable the training of novice workers in a completely autonomous way.



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