La actividad específica de PROINGESA es el Diseño y Fabricación de Sistemas Avanzados de Producción. Siendo nuestros principales clientes los fabricantes vehículos y de otros productos para el sector de la automoción.

Nuestra Política de la Calidad y Medio Ambiente se basa entre otros en los siguientes principios y es la base para el establecimiento de nuestros objetivos de calidad y medio ambiente:

  1. The customer is the reason for our work and the best indicator of the quality of what we do.
  2. To achieve continuous improvement in the operation of the company, both in the quality of the processes we carry out and in the environmental behaviour during their development.
  3. Our greatest satisfaction is to meet the client's expectations for a job well done.
  4. Meeting agreed delivery deadlines is part of our commitment to our customers.
  5. Eliminate errors, study their causes and avoid their repetition.
  6. To engage our suppliers in product and environmental responsibility and involve them in our continuous improvement process.
  7. To make all workers responsible, acquiring a commitment to quality for a job well done. And environmental awareness during the performance of their activity within PROINGESA.
  8. To provide us with the technical means and the appropriate training for the best performance of our work with quality and environmental improvement.
  9. To channel our customers' suggestions and deal with their complaints.
  10. Respect and protect the environment, improving the economic and social conditions of our surroundings.
  11. Preventing environmental pollution and improving environmental performance during the development of our processes.
  12. Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those established by the client. In PROINGESA the staff is aware of and supports these values, and the Managing Director is the driving force behind the culture of total quality and respect for the environment.

Descargar certificado de calidad: ISO 9001 NQA